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From the Desk Of: Duane Brumitt

Dear Friend,

My name is Duane K. Brumitt, Jr. I'm the owner of one of the most successful martial arts schools in Illinois "Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy" right here in the Tri-City area. (Kankakee, Bradley, Bourbonnais)

Since February of 1998 , I've been nurturing children and teaching adults in our community with the skill building tools found only in karate. No other sport can match them.

Now you get these tools for FREE with your one month trial membership. We will teach you or your child these skill building tools for the next month with no strings attached. No obligation to continue. We are so confident in our program that we want you to be able to make an educated decision on whether our martial arts program is right for you. That's why we ask that you try it out for a full month before you make a decision to continue.

Below is a video tour of our school but first...



How do I say this without getting emotional?
Click to listen:

I can't. You have helped our family in so many ways. You don't stop helping or teaching when you leave the studio. Tobie started Tri-Star just after his father passing away. His confidence level was low, he was acting out in class, and his grades could have been better.

Within the first three months of being at the studio, his teacher called me in for a meeting and said to me that she didn't know what I was doing at home, but to keep it up. She said his school work had improved 200%, he no longer was disrespectful, and she said his confidence level had much improved.

Tobie is now in fourth grade and is a straight A student and in the gifted program. He respects you so much. He cares what you think of him in the studio and out.

Tobie and Taryn lost their step-father last year. You cared so much about our family that you came and spent time with Kim in the hospital and also came out to the house and visited with him and I. Kim also had much respect for you.

You have done wonderful things for our family that I can not truly thank you enough for. Thank you for having a huge impact on our family's lives.
God Bless,

Tami Brinkman
Bourbonnais, IL




"Children have many people that influence their lives..."

"Children have many people that influence their lives as they are growing to adults, such as parents, grandparents, priests or ministers, teachers and many others. Having a teacher that is caring, patient, and truly interested in the personal growth and the type of person each student becomes is a very special GIFT to each student he or she may have through their developing years.

The students at Tri Star Martial Arts are very lucky children and adults alike, to have this type of teacher involved not only in their training but also their lives. It is very obvious to all of the parents who see how their children are developing discipline, self confidence and the desire to never quit on something that is important to them.

I truly appreciate that my granddaughter, Amanda has a teacher like you to help her develop her skills of self-confidence and self-esteem. Amanda has come so far in all of these important parts needed to become a confident adult.

She comes out of class red in the face, sweating, tired, but excited and ready for the next day of classes. She has a new determination to work hard and reach her goal of Black Belt is inspiring. Thank you for being the person who you are, the teacher that will certainly make a difference in Amanda's life, and all of the students who have you interested in their lives."

Amanda's Grandmother
Mary Brooks
Bourbonnais, Illinois

So lets recap what all you get with this FREE offer:

FREE Gift #1:

“Exclusive” 30 Days of Martial Arts Training at Duane Brumitt’s Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy

(Value $169.00)

During this time frame you will be able to experience all that our martial arts program has to offer.

(you will get access to your 30 days free when you come in to the studio)

FREE Gift #2:

An “Official” Tri-Star Martial Arts Karate Uniform

(Value $40.00)

This uniform is yours to keep even if you decide that our program is not right for you.

 (you will get access to your free uniform when you come in to the studio)

FREE Gift #3:

The DVD entitled “In Their Own Words”

(Value $19.95)

This DVD will take you through the back door of our school allowing you to see and hear first hand from parents and students just like you.

(you will get access to your free DVD when you come in to the studio)


FREE Gift #4:

The Self-Protection Call entitled “Safety in the Home”

(Value $77.00)

In this call we will cover how to burglar-proof your home, burglar proof your behavior, and protect your personal information.

 (you will get access to instant access to this call as soon as you fill out your information below)

FREE Gift #5:

The Self-Protection Call entitled “Safety Inside the Home”

(Value $77.00)

We will cover how to train to protect yourself and your family, how to train your senses, learn effective distraction techniques, and discover your safety zones. 

(you will get access to instant access to this call as soon as you fill out your information below)


FREE Gift #6:

The “Bully-Buster” Tele-Seminar Call

(Value $47.00)

During this call you will discover for your child the mental art of self-defense, the three lines of self-defense, the 12 bully buster basic tools and how your child can be a victor and not a victim.


(you will get access to instant access to this call as soon as you fill out your information below)

Total Value: $429.95


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